Recurring Events
  • All Hands Meeting - Every other Thurs, 12pm EST || Recurring GCal Invite
  • DAO.fm - Every other Thurs, 1:30pm EST || Recurring GCal Invite
  • Ops Sync - Tues, 11am EST || Recurring GCal Invite
  • Upskilling Workshop - Every last Thurs, 12pm EST Recurring GCal Invite

Anyone is welcome to join our public spaces! Please check out our events calendar.

All Hands Meetings

dOrg builders are located all around the globe and collaborate remotely 🌐 We therefore don't get the opportunity to all hang out very often. We do, however, have bi-weekly All-Hands meetings, which are held on Thursdays @ 12pm ET ️/ 6pm CET in the Discord voice channel 'All Members'. Attending All-Hands meetings are not required but we recommend you attend! New builders have a chance to introduce yourself to the rest of the collective and share what kind of work they're looking for. Plus, meet other builders and get a good overview of the projects we're working on.

To participate on the All Hands Meeting, contact the Experience Facilitator or sign up yourself for a Demo, Tech Talk, Discussions or suggest a Guest Speaker on this spreadsheet.

➡️ Check out previous recorded events there as well.

DAO.fm on Twitter Spaces

DAO.fm [was] a public event on our Twitter Spaces. There we talk about DAOs, DAO tools, governance, web 3, blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, crypto, crypto taxes, etc.

These events [used to] take place bi-weekly after our internal All Hands Meeting, on Thursdays @ 13.30pm ET / 19.30 CET in our Twitter.

Attending Twitter Spaces are not required however if you are a dOrg member you could earn rep by participating in these spaces. Please, contact Diego to participate & further details.

Upskilling Workshops

Monthly Upskilling workshops are hold for dOrg builders by dOrg builders. We combine tech/non tech Upskilling workshops with live (and anonymous Q&A).

Workshops happen monthly on Thursdays @ 12pm ET ️/ 6pm CET in the Discord voice channel 'All Members' and are recorded. Check out upcoming workshops on your calendar or spreadsheet.

Please, if you want to host a tech/non tech workshop, contact Experience Facilitator Clara. Hours to prepare, plus facilitating the workshop are retributed as Swarms hours.

➡️ Check out previous Workshops recorded.

Speaking Events

dOrg members are often invited to conferences, university lectures, podcasts, DAO talks, interviews, etc. In case you were invited to an outside dOrg event & you want to represent dOrg contact Comms&Marketing role Ernesto for further details. Also sign up on the spreadsheet for the record.


Since all dOrg members work remotely once per year we gather in real life for at least for a week. Please notice that dOrg retreat it's proactively managed by members who want to attend. dOrg covers the housing expenses as approved by the DAO and flying & maintenance costs are covered by each dOrg member (unless treasury gives us new updates). First dOrg retreat was on 2021 and we've already booked our place for the second dOrg retreat! Check out our Retreat doc for details & Reach out Clara for booking your spot!