Building & Chilling Update

Responsible Roles: Member Experience

Once you become a dOrg member you are able to stay as part of dOrg for as long as you wish.

Still, life come and goes so we have two types of membership status:

🤓 🛠️Building members

  • Currently working on a project at dOrg (either internal project or client work)
  • Eligible for bonuses
  • Discord access on Client Projects & Internal Ops channels

😎 🏖️Chilling members

  • Hasn't earned Rep during the past quarter
  • Not eligible for bonuses
  • Don't have Discord access on Client Projects & Internal Ops channels Building & Chilling members get updated every quarter. In case you need access to our discord channels and you are a chilling member, contact our Members XP.
Building & Chilling Members get updated every quarter according to the $ earned and their rep bonuses. If you are a Chilling Member and you need access to a certain client or ops channel, contact our Member XP.

How to

  1. Check out our Bookkeeping records to see who is considered as a building member for the quarter.
  2. Change Status tagg to Building/Chilling on the Member XP Airtable Database.
  3. Change members Discord Role to Building/Chilling accordingly.