Client Project Admin

Responsible Roles: Coordination Lead badge

TODO: update with latest flows

Project Setup

  1. Schedule a recurring weekly internal check-in (15-30 min) followed by a client check-in with all team members (30-45 min).
  2. Ensure all team members are onboarded to the client’s project board and comms channels (set up if needed).
  3. Fork the Budget template and make sure it's visible to all DAO members by adding all-members@dorg.tech.

Payment Processing

  1. At the close of each pay period, make sure each team member's hours and work logs is entered.
  2. The Payout tab automatically calculates the payout amount for each team member. Some projects also have bonuses in the client's native tokens — if you aren't clear on the setup, ask the Sourcing Lead.
  3. ℹ️
    Each payment must include a 10% payment to the Sourcing Lead(s) and 10% to the dOrg Treasury
  4. Export the Payout tab to CSV and upload it to the Gnosis Safe's CSV Airdrop app. This will allow you to issue all payouts in one batched transaction. Once the transaction is created, ask the rest of the project's signers to review and sign the transaction, and then it can be executed.