dOrg T-shirts FI Process

In this document you can find the process to send the dOrg t-shirts to the builders attending an event.

Step 1️⃣

dOrg is a world-wild DAO with builders from all over the world participating and attending different events and hackathons during the year. For this reason the first step is to ask on the discord 🗺️ | meet-up channel who will be attending an event during the quarter.

Step 2️⃣

Once you know who will be attending an event, send a private message by discord with the following message:

Hey there 👋,

How are you doing?

I noticed that you will be at xyz event and I am wondering if you want a dOrg t-shirt to represent dOrg during the event. 👉 Remember that representing dOrg at any event could be easily recognised by attendees and potential clients, making it easier to break the ice or make people start convos on dOrg that could open the door for sending leads to our Saled Lead and getting you 5% of each deal closed with a max cap of $5k per deal ⭐️

Hope you have a good day ;)

Step 3️⃣

Once you have confirmed that the dOrg member wants a t-shirt you should do a brief market research to find out where to send the t-shirt to be printed and shipped. Remember to ask the dOrgian the size of the t-shirt and how many t-shirts they will need.

The materials you need are here:


Remember that the t-shirt must be 100% cotton and standard black color.

Step 4️⃣

Once you have ordered the t-shirt(s) you should ask for an invoice and then request directly to Mackenzie to make the payment in our Raincards. If logistically it's easier to pay yourself, proceed with asking the refund (to ask the refund you should to it in the following forum thread; don’t forget to include the invoice of the t-shirts).

Step 5️⃣

When you verify that the builder already has a t-shirt, you should update the budget sheet of the Funded Initiative to verify the remaining budget and production costs.

Step 6️⃣

Repeat this process over and over again for each event where t-shirts are needed.