Onboarding Admin

Responsible Roles: Member Experience

Admin Steps for Onboarding a new Member

Here are the instructions for the Experience Facilitator and others to help onboard new members once their membership proposal has passed on Snapshot:

  1. Give them the 'dOrg Member' tag on Discord (you should be able to find their handle in the corresponding forum post), along with relevant skills such as 'frontend' or 'product'.
  2. Create a @dorg.tech email address in google admin using their first name (or first plus last if its already taken). Click Add New User, enter info (include their personal email address as the secondary email), click preview and send.
  3. Add their dOrg email address to the 'All Members' Google Group. (This triggers a Google invite to the All-Hands meetings and gives access to all shared documents.)
  4. Send out a W-9 form (if they're US-based) or a W-8BEN tax form (if they're not US-based) to their personal email address. (contact dOrg's accountant for details on how to do this).
  5. Send out the Contractor Agreement to their personal email address. Sign in to PandaDoc > Templates section > Open “dOrg_Contractor Agreement, NDA, etc” doc > Click on “Use this Template”> Click on “Next” (without filling gaps)> Write down email you want to send CA on the top right column >Send > Share via link> Email the link
  6. Send the welcome email (find the template here), which includes a link to the interactive onboarding form. At the end of the onboarding form they have the opportunity to book an onboarding-specific call with our Experience Facilitator.
  7. Check the Onboarding Form Responses on the dOrg Airtable Form.
  8. Introduce new member in Discord in general
  9. Add member on dOrg's Github.
  10. Check out information submitted by new member and track process (ask permissions to Miriam).