Public Presence

Responsible Role: Comms

TODO - update with latest flows

We leverage social media platforms like Twitter to engage about tools and ideas that are relevant to our community of members and web3 projects.

Goal: build an engaging brand that attracts the best members, clients, and positive attention in the web3 ecosystem.


  • Tweets per week
  • Follower Growth Rate (MoM)
  • Engagements / Engagement Rate
  • Earned Impressions
  • Traffic to site
  • Mentions

Types of posts:

  • Original content (talks, podcasts, articles)
  • Client signal boost
  • Member signal boost
  • Provoking conversations about web3 tools
  • Scroll through the recent tweets of our clients and re-tweet them
  • Questions to engage conversation and debates
  • Bring in new collaborators and new members

Types of content to re-post:

  • Content relevant to the brand and the web3
  • Relevant posts from dOrg members, clients and guests on All Hand Meeting and HotSeat
  • Direct and valuable mentions about dOrg and/or our members
  • Content from associations on Twitter