Signing & Invoicing Clients

Responsible Role: Accounting

TODO: update with latest flow


  1. upload the final PDF to PandaDoc (log-in credentials) with the client point of contact’s name and email.
  2. Add the details of the engagement to the Project Tracker, create a forum post that links to the entry, and create a snapshot proposal to the DAO.
  3. Once the client signs and DAO approves, countersign agreement on Pandadoc


  1. Create a Safe on mainnet or Polygon with the Sourcing Lead, Coordination Lead, QA Lead, and all other committed members as signers. Examples of required signers: 2/3, 3/5, 4/6, 4/7
  2. Add the Safe address to the Airtable Project Tracker
  3. Invoice the client via Gilded (see login credentials here)
    1. First add the new Gnosis Safe to our accounts: Accounts > Add Account > Input address > Wallet Address
    2. Next, create the first invoice:
      1. Payments > Invoices > New Invoice >
      2. Add Contact (enter client details, leave eth address blank) >
      3. Go to payment method > Set the details (select the Account you created above as the payment destination; for tokens select USDC and DAI) > Send
  4. Continue to invoice on the agreed upon schedule. Regularly monitor the project's health through the Coordination Lead and QA Lead, making sure to step in and help resolve any issues that arise.