Updating Signers

Responsible Roles: Accounting

Per the forum posts from 2022 & 2023, the signers on dOrg’s main treasury are rotated every year based on a vote by DAO members and a selection of internal roles.

How to

To stay on schedule and launch the new year with fresh signers, the breakdown of the process is as follows:

  1. Accounting role submits a forum post & snapshot the last week of November proposing a rotation of the signers (example here). The format for 2023 was two signers chosen from internal roles (typically accounting and another role) and five signers voted on by DAO members.
  2. DAO members vote on the snapshot.
  3. If a snapshot passes, then accounting posts a nomination form where anyone can nominate a DAO member to be a safe signer for the upcoming year. Those nominated are highly active and visible within dOrg. They have demonstrated commitment to the DAO and are engaged in dOrg day-to-day activities (i.e. attending biweekly meetings, active in Discord, votes on snapshot proposals, etc).
    1. Nomination form is open for five days
  4. Once nominations are collected, the accounting role confirms with all nominees that they accept the nomination.
  5. Once the batch of nominees is confirmed, accounting creates a form where DAO members can vote to choose the five new signers for the upcoming year. Voting is open for seven days.
  6. Once the voting period is over and the new signers are chosen, the transition from the old signers to the new signers is made during the final December payout transactions on/around December 30.
  7. Training for new signers is carried out in January the following year.