Big Picture


dOrg is an autonomous collective that build decentralized tools and applications.


We envision a world where power is robustly decentralized– institutions are transparent and self-governing; coordination happens without extractive intermediaries; wealth is fairly distributed; and people have more time for meaningful pursuits.

We believe the decentralized web is key to this future and we’re here to build it.


dOrg simultaneously serves as a:

  • Service provider for projects that need decentralized solutions.
  • Community for builders to earn, learn, and cultivate autonomy while innovating on decentralized tech.
  • Open-source template for other orgs to fork and iterate upon.
Several mutually-reinforcing feedback loops propel our progress.
Several mutually-reinforcing feedback loops propel our progress.


  • Autonomous Action - We encourage one other to act on good faith rather than seeking approval first.
  • Transparency - We make it easy for members to access organizational data and processes.
  • Inclusion & Respect - We maintain a healthy, supportive workplace with a diverse membership.
  • Participatory Meritocracy - We distribute rewards and rights based on merit, not titles or hierarchy.
dOrg is a living, breathing system that evolves faster than this handbook. Proceed with caution.