Source a Client Project

dOrg generates revenue by providing quality web3 development services to paying clients. There are two ways any dOrgian can source new projects:

Option 1 - Pass leads to our Sales specialist

  1. Find leads! Tutorial and guide are coming, stay tuned!
  2. YOU fill the hiring form with the info from your lead, some context and your name!
  3. Create a intro message with our Sales specialist and your lead ;)
If sales specialist closes the deal, you earn 5% of deal up to 5k$.

Option 2 - Source yourself

  1. Discover if an opportunity is a good fit based on our criteria and value proposition.
  2. Set-up the team and Statement of Work (SoW) based on project requirements.
  3. Engage by finalizing the terms and getting approval on both sides.
If your project is approved, you receive 10% of revenue generated.


  • Source leads through your network, proactive outreach, or dOrg’s inbound channel. Consider the following factors when deciding which leads to pursue:
    • Impact & Innovation: What is the potential for real-world impact or technical innovation?
    • Reputation & Team: How is the organization’s reputation? How would you rate the quality of their team?
    • Expertise Fit: Have we worked with similar technologies before?
    • Diversification: Does the project enhance the diversity of our portfolio?
    • Economics: Will the project pay fair rates and share upside (tokens, fees)?
  • Once you have conviction, schedule a discovery call. Only use 10% of the call to explain dOrg’s value proposition and how we work. 90% should be dedicated to uncovering needs:
  • What are the goals of the project?

    What is the current composition of the team?

    What specializations are required (e.g. smart contracts, frontend, design)?

    What is the expected tech stack (e.g. react, solidity, rust)?

    Which of our engagement types is the best fit? (fixed scope, team extension, integration partnership)?

    What is the ideal timeframe? Any hard deadlines to note?

    Make sure to request a Project Requirements Doc and any other materials that will help you generate an SoW.


  • Gather a team by reaching out to individuals with the requisite skills from our Member Directory. You can also post in the internal #job-board channel, tagging the relevant skills needed. Make sure to secure a QA Lead and Coordination Lead early on.
  • In parallel, begin to draft an SoW. Decide which service type is needed and fork the most relevant SoW from our Project Tracker. Make sure to have the team that you gathered review the SoW and integrate their feedback before sending to the client.


  • Export the doc as a PDF and send it to the client for review. Integrate any feedback and send again with an incremented version number as many times as needed.
  • Once there is consensus on both sides, send the PDF to accounting@dorg.tech and the process of collecting the client’s signature and creating a proposal will be handled for you (don’t forget to vote!). Accounting will also handle invoicing throughout the course of the engagement.
  • Learn more about how accounting handles Signing & Invoicing.
  • Once the proposal is approved on both sides, help the team get onboarded and make sure that all communication flows are handed off to the Coordination Lead. Regularly check in on the engagement’s health and help out with if any issues that arise. Remember to involve our Client Experience Specialist as needed.