Contribute to a Client Project

dOrg is set up to help members easily find high-quality work.

If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Member Experience Facilitator Here's a client presentation slide template in case you need it at some point. Feel free to use it and rock with it!

Joining a project

1. Find a project

The best place to search for open roles is the Help Wanted board. You can also browse the full Project Tracker or send a message on #job-board in Discord about your skills and the type of project you’re seeking.

2. Get approved to join

Reach out to the project’s Coordination Lead to find out more about the role requirements and project details. If it’s a match, the Coordination Lead will add you to the project’s syncs, chat group, budget sheet, and Airtable entry. After a few weeks of contributing, you can also request to be added as a signer to the project’s dedicated wallet.

Every client project has its internal flow of billing. Some pay on a set frequency (e.g. one a month) while others are based on milestones. Make sure to get the billing details from your project’s Coordination Lead.

3. Start contributing

  • Re-read our Development Best Practices
  • Familiarise yourself with the project’s SoW (find in Project Tracker) and other details like spec documents, repos, and project boards.
  • Attend weekly syncs. Make sure you are prepared and join a few minutes early with a stable internet connection and good audio.
  • Self-assign issues in the project board while communicating with other members to avoid overlap and ensure you are working on the highest priority tasks.
  • Log your work and time in the project's budget sheet before each payment checkpoint.
  • At each payment checkpoint, review your teammates' logs and sign-off on the transaction initiated by the Coordination Lead.
  • Participate in periodic feedback surveys and retro sessions initiated by the Coordination Lead.
  • If there’s any issue on the project, you can Flag an Issue or contact our ClientXP specialist


Tech Lead

Each project must have a member with the Tech Lead badge.

The precise responsibilities of the TL Lead will vary from project to project, but here are some recommended practices:
  • Make sure you understand all technical requirements, and ask if you don't.
  • Ensure fit between the execution team and project requirements. Offer mentorship if you see a need.
  • Evaluate risk and raise potential issues with other team members, the Coordination Lead, Sourcing Lead, Client XP or client as needed.
  • Ensure DevOps best practices are being followed which may include continuous integration/deployment pipeline and application monitoring/alerts.
  • Own the overall code quality, making sure that our work product aligns with dOrg's Development Best Practices: spotting anti-patterns, hacks, unnecessary complexity all around the repository, conducting 2e2 testing or unit testing with X framework, review pull requests and assist in debugging.
  • i.e: while working on a login feature, TL spots an unhandled API case in the already working login http service. Even if it’s not his feature, and the review or the login http service already happened; TL should spot this, communicate it and push for its correction.

  • Putting out fires: solving code-design issues, help the team make it through unexpected obstacles (incompatible libraries, broken code, uncaught bugs, etc.)
  • Structure the continuous integration/deployment pipeline and application alerts.
  • Responsibility to communicate problems on time from technical perspective along with PM, in order to work together to handle problems before they explode or escalate.
  • i.e: some dev is no filling expectations, or some dev is not responsable with the client.

  • Creating minimum of documentation of the platform for admins, users and developers.

Members can propose to issue the Tech Lead badge to any member who:

  • 6+ minimum years of demostrable profesional experience in tech projects and/or highly visible open source projects.
  • Grounded in the organization: 25k min amount of rep and successful track records.
  • Some knowledge of the whole stack: Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Smart Contract and Web3 Integrations.
  • Ability to present the developments to client on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Knows the limits of their skills and how to identify expertise in others.

Please submit your proposal for a TL Badge here.

Project Manager

Each project must have a member with the Project Manager badge.

Responsibilities of the PM Lead will vary from project to project, but here are some recommended practices:
  • Checking out SoW (ensure SoW includes definition of work to be executed)
  • Initiating a project (Kick-of call, timeline, removing roadblocks for team)
  • Ensure Weekly bi-directional information (project admin , weekly status report & touchpoint with client)
  • Monitor scope load and deadlines.
  • Review work logs and payments.
  • Closing project (confirm deliverables, sign-off from client, feedback loop)
  • Updates on SoW (include addendums on SoW for extra requests from client and check with team)

Members can propose to issue the Project Manager badge to any member who have:

  • PMI certification or 4+ years demonstrable experience in tech projects
  • Has shadowed a Project Manager for at least one week on an ongoing client project.

Please submit your proposal for a PM Badge here.