Member Removal Process

Responsible Member: Member Experience

Proposing Removal

The DAO can vote to remove any member who is found to have infringed the Member Covenant or dropped below our quality standards. Use the following steps to deal with these incidents:

If the situation is time-sensitive, contact the Member Experience Facilitator to mitigate any immediate harm.
  1. Contact the member to reach a private accord if possible. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding or willingness to immediately resolve the situation.
  2. Schedule a mediation with a mutually agreeable arbiter. Mediation gives all affected a chance to share their sides of the story and attempt to reach an accord.
  3. If mediation is unsuccessful, any affected party may suggest an enforcement action based on the nature of the infringement or quality issue. Actions may include removal of membership and all rep removal, temporary ban with partial rep removal, or anything else proposed and approved through governance.
  4. Members are expected to review the proposal, the Member Covenant, and related past disputes in order to make a decision that aligns with the established norms and intention of the community.

Requesting Removal

Anyone may have their own membership removed automatically upon request.

Admin steps for removal

When a member requests to be removed or is removed by DAO vote:

  • Remove all Discord roles
  • Delete Google email account. As part of the removal process, give the member 7 days notice of deletion so that they can move any important emails or saved documents.
  • Remove Forum Groups access (Profile> Admin Settings) and change trust level to 0. This means that they will no longer have access to private categories.
  • Remove from dOrg Github.
  • Update Airtable members database labelling into “Removed” and reason.
  • Create rep burn transaction to their address from the mainnet Safe based on their exact Reputation balance.