Using dOrg

dOrg is gamified to benefit the members who add value to the organization. The main mechanism for this is on-chain reputation scores, or “Rep”.

What can I do with Rep?

🗳 Governance: Voting weight and ability to create proposals.

🎟 Access: Ability to use private forum and Discord sections.

💸 Bonuses: Proportional share of token bonuses.

🎡 Benefits: The more rep you earn, the more benefits are unlocked (not yet finalized– see discussion here)

How can I earn Rep?

⚡️ 1 rep per $1 earned

⚡️ Other actions

Meetup IRL

👥 150 rep each for gatherings with 3 or more members

👥 Can’t claim multiple times if staying in same place over a period


💡 Relevant Tweet or Meme: 10 rep

💡 Educational Thread: 10 rep/tweet up to 100

💡 Creating a list with experts on a relevant topic: 10 rep

💡 Hosting a one-hour Twitter Space: 100 rep + 50 for each cohost

AHM Guests Talks

🤠 500 rep for the best question of the session

Other Perks 🤩

✅ Ultimate autonomy: Work whenever, wherever on whatever interests you most

✅ Peer support: Collaborate and learn from other talented professionals

✅ Build with cutting-edge tech on high-impact web3 projects

✅ Community: retreat, friends around the world, workshops, IRL retreats, and much more!

 Highly competitive rates & token allocation opportunities in client projects

✅ Paid in crypto

✅ Free/discounted legal and accounting services with specialized providers (not yet finalized)

✅ US residents can leverage our partnership with Opolis for S-corp payroll and benefits

✅ Shape the direction of dOrg and the future of work

✅ … and more to come :)